Arcana Cup
Play, Play more, Play again.

By Arcana Gaming

What is Arcana Cup ?

Arcana Cup is a tournament platform created by Arcana Gaming and dedicated to Blizzard Games. We felt like we needed to provide players with a simpler, more appealing way to participate, play and progress. Creating a tournament is one thing. Getting participants to enjoy it, play against each other and see their progression in a simple and intuitive way is another.

For all beta feedback, drop us an email at

How many games are supported ?

During the beta phase of Arcana Cup, only Hearthstone is supported. However, we plan to add support for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm soon™.

How does it work ?

Four easy steps. Five if you're good.

1. Browse tournaments

2. Sign in with your Battle.NET Account

3. Sign up to a tournament

4. Play and earn prizes, points and badges.

5. Climb the ladder and reach the top!

As you participate to tournaments and win matches; you will earn experience, badges and points. You will also climb the ladder, get some visibility and hopefully stand among the very best!

Give it a try!

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